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Melbourne Bicycle Blues

Holidays are for hanging out at the beach, summer flings, catching a tan, drinking cocktails, eating too much and at the end of it all getting sick with the flu.

The holiday head cold is an inevitable part of a great holiday, but I had not expected to also get the no-bicycle ills as well.

The no-bicycle ills is the phenomenon of when you’re a serious bicycle babe and your butt, which usually gets a 15km workout everyday, no longer does so because you’re curled up with a head cold.

Active & Travel Fashion by Bago Studio

Active wear the looks like every day fashion!

No one likes bicycle lycra, especially not Bicycle Babes, but I have to admit it is kinda comfy!

Lucky we have Bicycle Babes like Bago Studio designer, Kellie Mobbs, who has a mission is to create beautiful active wear and lifestyle fashion for Bicycle Babes, adventurers and travelers alike.

Lycra is it not, but she uses super strechy high-performance fabrics including bamboo,

eBikes: to bosch or not?

Everyone is talking about eBikes because anything with an “e” in the name is evolved and edgy, right?

But are e-bikes actually worth the extra thousand or two to buy, and should you trade in your humble pushy to electrify your ride?

I got the chance to find out the answer this week when Bosch delived a bicycle fitted with their brand new Bosch eBike System.

Cities Built for Women? Everyone wins!

Re-Blog from CityMetric…

“{In cities] treating people equally often translates as treating people like men.

[But] what works for men, as imagined by city hall, doesn’t necessarily work for everyone else.

By treating us in a way that suits this male ideal, the rest of us are disadvantaged – often in surprising ways.

Women are more likely than men to walk,

Mini Bicycle Bag For The Mobile

A handle-bar bag or basket is a bicycle addition that you don’t want to miss!

A bicycle basket or crate is of course essential, but all too often a small handle-bar bag or basket is missed!

These little front-end wonders have much to offer. They are the perfect place to stash your silk scarf, sunglasses and keys, and that’s just for starters.

My handle-bar bag carries everything from my Georgia In Dublin rain skirt and jacket through to chain oil,

Rain Hats Make You Happy!

Rain hats are the perfect solution to the ‘bicycle blindspot’!

If you wore a yellow rain hat as a child then you’re super lucky, and if you didn’t then welcome to a super cute and clever concept in bicycle rainwear.

Raincoats, with a hood, have the perpetual problem of the ‘bicycle blindspot’- whenever you turn your head the hood obscures the side vision and it’s just a pain.

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